iThemba Trust is a non-profit organization, established to uplift the community of Tarkastad, South Africa and the surrounding areas in the Eastern Cape through various enterprises and projects.


Click here to read the latest iThemba newsletter including great news about iThemba getting off the unreliable government power grid by going 100% solar; cute stories about pre-school kids’ adventures; the U9 cricket team winning competitions; field trips to see the animals (do you know what a group of giraffes is called?); and an invitation to sponsor students.

iThemba has several children on their waiting list who are available for sponsorship and support, so please share that with friends and family and encourage them to contact Angela Price.  Her email is:  Thank you!

Sponsor a Child


The Jernigan Foundation is happy to pass 100% of contributions for the iThemba school through to the iThemba trust.

The Jernigan Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of Washington state.  Our tax identification number is 20-8111798.  For tax purposes, no goods or services are provided in exchange for this contribution.