iThemba Trust is a non-profit organisation, established to uplift the community of Tarkastad and the surrounding areas in the Eastern Cape through various enterprises and projects.


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The Jernigan Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of Washington State. Our tax identification number is 20-8111798. For tax purposes, no goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution.


We have a brand new classroom that is now home to our grade one class.  This new classroom has closed the half-circle encompassing the school campus.  It has also opened up a lovely space for our new media center that has been planned.  We are standing with the Lord and praying for funding into this exciting new chapter at Orange Grove to introduce our children to the world of media.


We hosted a biology camp for the students of Tarka High School.  We looked at insects, bones, rocks and leaves among others, dissected a Rock Hyrax and learned how to record scientific information accurately.  It is wonderful to have the whole farm to explore and we also did a hike, which was a highlight because we could stop and investigate all kinds of interesting plants and creatures along the way.  The best kind of learning is often the fun, practical kind – and we had lots of it during the camp!


During the second term, the grade five and six class were given “African Creation Myths” as their English Oral topic.  Working in groups, they read about the traditional stories from various African cultures of how the world came into being.  Each group then chose the Myth from a particular cultural group or tribe, and put together a short, one-act play to present the story.

The presentation of the Myths was excellent, with every group writing their own script, designing and making their own costumes, and some even incorporated sound effects and special lighting!

Afterward we had an interesting discussion on the similarities and differences between the various Myths and also looked at how these stories compare to the description of Creating in Genesis.  We all enjoyed discovering more about traditional African beliefs and cultures.