iThemba Trust is a non-profit organisation, established to uplift the community of Tarkastad and the surrounding areas in the Eastern Cape through various enterprises and projects.


Sponsor a Child


The Jernigan Foundation is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization incorporated under the laws of Washington State. Our tax identification number is 20-8111798. For tax purposes, no goods or services were provided in exchange for this contribution.


Former student Caroline Price graduated from Stellenbosch University in November of last year, with her well-earned Bachelor’s degree in Education. As she looks forward to her future in teaching and education, she remembers her history on Orange Grove farm and describes her school experience as the ‘origin of my passion for children’. “I feel privileged to have been a part of laying the foundation of a mission that has been able to change many lives, including my own. I cannot wait for the opportunity to impact children’s lives through education.”

Molly Mills-Young and her new husband, Ronnie, returned for a visit to Orange Grove Farm. Molly wanted to show her husband the place that had so impacted her life on her previous visit to South Africa. Their visit included Ronnie’s long-awaited introduction to Lelethu, some quality time with the children and a good amount of story-telling – all in a day’s work. In Molly’s words, their time at Orange Grove was ‘heartwarming and one we will cherish forever’.

This term The Story decided to give a month of its profit towards the renovations at Kabouterland Preschool. After a five ton truck lost control and veered into one of its classrooms, the damage was extensive and devastating. “We consider it a privilege to serve our community, and find so much joy in being able to build, or in this case rebuild, our little city.” The pre-school looks forward to the day soon when its little ones can return to school again!

In other news, The Story was able to help Betty by buying an overlocker for her own private sewing business. Betty is the beautiful soul who worked at C&D Stores in Tarkastad – she knows everyone and anyone, and is a familiar, friendly face around town. After the store was sadly closed down, we were delighted to be able to help Betty continue to be able to earn an income.