We believe young people are amazing and they deserve hope, life and a future.

We invest in organizations that are helping youth thrive – especially youth who have had a rough go in life.


We believe education is one of the keys to success in life.

We provide access to education for those who may not have the opportunity or resources to obtain it.


We believe every human has the right to be free from slavery and harmful uses of their body.

We invest in organizations that loose the chains of injustice and bring freedom to the captives.


Street Business School – bringing business and prosperity to people in the developing world.

SBSWhen you live on $1.35/day, it is almost impossible to provide enough food for your family, let alone send them to school, meet their material needs, etc.

But Street Business School (SBS) is changing all of that.  In just six months, people go through their training on how to start a business and succeed.  Participants are encouraged to use what they have (a cooking pot, their skills as a weaver, etc.) to start their business, and then employ SBS’s go to market strategies, etc.

The results are astounding!  In just a few years, 12,246 women have gone through the SBS training, 89% of graduates still have a business (or three!) two years later, and participants’ income has increased to $4.19/day on average after two years.

That may not seem like much to you and me, but that 211% increase not only provides food and clothing but also school fees for their children, and capital to keep their business running.  People are leaving poverty for good, thanks to SBS’s training.

Our grant to SBS was to help them partner with organizations who are working to fight human trafficking.  We know when women are employed and earning enough income, they are far less likely to be susceptible to traffickers and prostitution.  News of our partnership with SBS is already spreading (see this article in End Slavery Now) and we’re excited to be a catalyst in showing how business training can prevent human trafficking.


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