We invest in solutions
that empower the vulnerable, at-risk, and defenseless
toward a flourishing future.
We Invest in Solutions that Empower The Vulnerable, At Risk, and Defenseless Toward a Flourishing Future


Freedom Firm is on a mission
to end child sex trafficking in India.


They have teams of investigators and informants who are always looking for minors in brothels around various regions in India.


After carefully garnering all of the needed information,
they work with the police to perform raids on the brothels,
recover those who are being trafficked for sex,
and provide them hope, care, and a restoration home where they can heal and prepare for a different future.


It is beautiful work and we are glad to be supporting them!


Recently they rescued 16-year-old Pavitra*
who was being sold into the brothels by her step father.


She is now safe, protected from those who wanted to harm her,
and rebuilding her life in one of Freedom Firm’s aftercare homes.


Although we wish this would never happen to anyone,
we are glad Freedom Firm is working hard in India to combat this horrific crime,
and giving their ALL for every one is who trafficked.


*not her real name


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