We believe young people are amazing and they deserve hope, life and a future.

We invest in organizations that are helping youth thrive – especially youth who have had a rough go in life.


We believe education is one of the keys to success in life.

We provide access to education for those who may not have the opportunity or resources to obtain it.


We believe every human has the right to be free from slavery and harmful uses of their body.

We invest in organizations that loose the chains of injustice and bring freedom to the captives.


SAFE – partnering with BEST to bring JOBS to survivors of sex trafficking.

When victims exit the life of human trafficking, they need safety, care, medical treatment and many other things before they can start thinking about their future. But when they turn that corner and start dreaming again about what they want to do with their lives, they need pathways to fulfill those dreams and one of those pathways is employment.

This quarter we were delighted to fund SAFE – the Strategic Alliance to Fight Exploitation – as they partner with BEST – Businesses Ending Slavery and Trafficking. BEST is working with employers who want to hire trafficking survivors and provide them healthy, sustaining employment that will propel them into better futures. They have a group of employers who have said “I’m in!” and there are dozens of trafficking survivors already getting jobs in workplaces that give them dignity and allow them to provide for their future.

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