We invest in solutions
that empower the vulnerable, at-risk, and defenseless
toward a flourishing future.
We Invest in Solutions that Empower The Vulnerable, At Risk, and Defenseless Toward a Flourishing Future


Hands on Houses

The Equip Foundation has a wonderful program called Hands on Houses (HoH)

that builds houses overseas for widows who have undergone hardship.


To date, the project has provided more than 290 houses in rural village communities across five countries!


The Jernigan Foundation supported HoH in 2022 to build two houses for widows, and the stories are so beautiful!


The photo above is of Suraji Paswan, who got a new house last year because of our grant to HoH.

She lives in Devpura village near by Janakpur city in Nepal. 


Suraji’s husband died four years ago due to paralysis.  She has four children (5yrs, 7yrs, 10 yrs, and 12 yrs).  She had a little thatched house which was leaking when it rained, and was far too small for her family.  She had a hard time sleeping because she wanted to give her children the most space, so she was cramped every night.


Suraji prayed for a good house, and asked the pastors of the nearby church to help her.  HoH heard of her need and agreed to build her a house.


When she cut the ribbons on her new house, she was very joyful and was praising and thanking the Lord.  Amen!


When we got the chance to support two more houses this year, and heard about the two Irula widows in India who are in desperate need of permanent housing, we were delighted to support HoH again with another grant.


It is such a privilege to partner with organizations like Hands on Houses

who are doing important work to care for the least of these around the world.


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