She is Safe

She Is Safe is a trusted authority with decades of experience in anti-trafficking work

spanning from West Africa to the Middle East and throughout Asia.


We have been supporting She is Safe for several years,

and have especially loved funding transformation groups for young girls and women in India.


Here’s Why


In India’s impoverished communities, girls are frequently viewed as a burden and not worth educating,

which puts them at high risk of being trafficked into sexual slavery.


But in transformation groups, girls and vulnerable women are equipped with vocational and leadership skills,

savings and lending pools, educational support, and the hope of the Gospel!


These safe and loving groups also educate them on how to protect themselves and their children from trafficking and abuse.


It costs about $70 to cover a girl being part of a transformation group for a whole year.

That feels like a very small price to pay to prevent her from being trafficked

and give her skills, tools, a community of women, and Jesus!  What a win!


We are honored to support this transformative work at She is Safe

and stand with them in their vision of

“every at-risk girl free and equipped to become the person God created her to be.”


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